Welcome to My New Domain

Hello everyone! I am beyond excited to say that I finally have my own self-hosted domain for Tori in Thousand Oaks. It took ALOT of thinking, inspiration and much needed advice, but I finally made the big step. A HUGE thanks goes to my friend Dani from Dani Dearest who really walked me through the baby steps and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this goal of mine.

I originally started my blog to update my family while I was away at college. While that was wonderful, and I still intend to blog  for that purpose, that just wasn’t enough. I saw how much fun Dani was having and I wanted to take part in that as well.


I am so excited about the future of this site and here are a few things that will be coming your way soon:

  • Dorm Room Tips and Tours
  • Goals for the year/semester
  • Organization Tips and Reviews
  • Quotes of the Week
  • Monthly Updates
  • A Cooking Collaboration with Dani
  • AND much, much more!

For those willing to help me out and give me advice, I would love to hear it. The more the merrier! I have learned a lot in these past 48 hours, but I know there is so much more to come.