3 Day Military Diet Plan at College

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I’ll be honest, at college I haven’t eaten the healthiest nor have I exercised enough. I have been wanting a change for a while, but I can never stick to a solid plan. One thing that keeps popping up on my Pinterest is the 3 Day Military Diet Plan. Now I have never been one for dieting, but when I saw that I was allowed ice cream, I thought it would be worth a shot.

For me, eating at college has always been a struggle. Since I live on campus and do not have a kitchen in my room, I am required to have a meal plan. And this meal plan, is not my favorite. I find it so hard to control my portions and eat healthy. I figured giving this a shot would help with my portion control and motivate me to be healthier.

For those who don’t know, supposidly if you follow the military diet, you can loose up to 10 pounds in one week. After reading lots of reviews, I have seen it work in favor for some people and fail for others. I just wanted to see how it would work with me. The meal plan has different food combinations that are supposed to burn fat, and kick start your metabolism which will help you loose weight.

Warning: My experience with the 3 Day Military Diet plan was not the best. 

This is what the meal plan consists of:

Day One

ON POINTBreakfast:

1 Cup Coffee or Tea (with caffiene) Sugar Free Hot Coco

1 Slice of Whole Wheat Toast

2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter

1/2 Grapefruit

ON POINT (1)Lunch:

1 cup Coffee or Tea (with caffiene)

1 slice of Whole Wheat Toast

1/2 cup Tuna Almonds

ON POINT (2)Dinner:

3 ounces of any type of Meat

1 cup of Green Beans

1/2 Banana

1 Small Apple

1 cup of Vanilla Ice Cream

Day Two

Breakfast:ON POINT (3)

1 Egg

1 Slice of Toast

1/2 Banana

ON POINT (5)Lunch:

1 cup of Cottage Cheese  Slice of Cheedar Cheese

1 Hard Boiled Egg

5 Saltine Crackers

ON POINT (6)Dinner:

2 Hot Dogs (with out bun)

1 cup of Broccoli

1/2 cup of Carrots

1/2 Banana

1/2 cup of Vanilla Ice Cream

Day Three

ON POINT (7)Breakfast:

5 Saltine Crackers

1 slice of Cheddar Cheese

1 Small Apple

ON POINT (10)Lunch:

1 Hard Boiled Egg

1 slice of Toast

ON POINT (10)Dinner:

1 Cup of Tuna

1/2 Banana

1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream

My 3 Day Diary

Day One: It has gone well so far, and I have not had any complications. This morning I weighed by self and then I was ready to go. This was the first time I ever had grapefruit, so that was a special experience. I still don’t know how I feel about grapefruit. I made the mistake of eating my lunch too early so by the time it was dinner I was starving. I also have had a reoccurring head ache through out the day. I am not sure if that has any thing to do with my change of diet. I’m off to a great start. One day down, two to go.

Day two: I made one mistake today. And that was weighing my self in the morning. I had read that you are not supposed to weigh your self during this because your weight is going to fluctuate, which is true (I gained .5 pounds.) I weight along with my day with out a second thought. Today was also much easier than yesterday. I had friends try to tempt me to eat dessert and french fries, but I stayed strong,and for that, I am thankful. Two days down, one to go.

Day three:  Well, well, well, day three was not fun at all. Why might you ask? Because I woke up at 7 in the morning and had to throw up. Just great I thought. I was follow any of the plan, because quiet frankly, the idea of food disgusted me. I hardly got out of bed all day. Luckily, I had my boyfriend to take care of me and eventually make me chicken noodle soup when I thought I could handle it. That’s right, I broke the plan. I ended up throwing up twice that day and the day after I ended up have extreme stomach aches.

Moral of the story:  The 3 day Military Diet Plan, did not work out for me.

Now you may be wondering, well did you loose any weight? The answer is yes, 7 pounds to be exact. BUT, it was not worth it at all and I would not do it again. Maybe I got food poisoning, maybe it was the actual diet. Who knows! The one thing I will say, is that I will not be doing this again because it is just not right for me.

Have you done the 3 Day Military Diet Plan? Or heard other 
things about it? Let me know!