8 thoughts on “15 Goals for 15 Weeks: Wrap Up!

  1. Marty Murphy says:


    I was impressed with your evaluation. The clarity of the goals and the honest evaluation you gave to them is very commendable. I think the statistics say that there is a significantly higher rate of accomplishment for those who not only define their goals but write them down.

    I’m sure your parents and grand-parents are proud of you.

    Accountability you ask? Well, my cop side says it comes from having a good, same-sex friend who you trust have permission to ask you all the right questions including the closing one; “Did you just lie to me?” The Pastor Marty part says if you strive to glorify God, then we can expect the things we set as proper goals to come to fruition based on Matthew 6:33.

    Your Grampa’s cousin,
    Marty Murphy
    AKA: Pastor Marty; AKA Retired CHP Sgt. M. Murphy, #7467

  2. vlahney says:

    Hi Marty,
    Thanks for your support, it means so much!I love what you said about having a friend by your side, that really does make a difference. I find what your ‘Pastor Marty side’ says very true, the most important thing to do is strive to glorify God and everything else will fall into place, it is always great being reminded of that. Thank you 🙂


  3. Marvina says:

    Great post. It’s always great to see if you have met your goals or not for the year. If not, it means that you have something to work on for the upcoming year, and if you did, then you can be proud of yourself for it.

  4. Monika Celly says:

    Great going. Even though you got 11/15, you tried at least. Keep trying and soon you will be 15 /15.
    Good luck dear:)

  5. Emily says:

    You had some great goals, and archieved a lot! I have no clue how going to school, studying,being in school clubs and blogging all works! You should be proud of yourself for balancing it all.

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