3 Day Military Diet Plan at College

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I’ll be honest, at college I haven’t eaten the healthiest nor have I exercised enough. I have been wanting a change for a while, but I can never stick to a solid plan. One thing that keeps popping up on my Pinterest is the 3 Day Military Diet Plan. Now I have never been one for dieting, but when I saw that I was allowed ice cream, I thought it would be worth a shot.

For me, eating at college has always been a struggle. Since I live on campus and do not have a kitchen in my room, I am required to have a meal plan. And this meal plan, is not my favorite. I find it so hard to control my portions and eat healthy. I figured giving this a shot would help with my portion control and motivate me to be healthier.

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Liebster Award 2015


The time has come. I have been nominated for the Liebster Award (my first nomination EVER.)

The Liebster Award is passed down from blogger to blogger to help discover new blogs and even gain a few new friends along the way. I was nominated by the lovely Alex, over at the Berger Bungalow. She has AMAZING posts about weddings and marriage but also has some great tips and recipes for some yummy food! Just by a glance, she gives me so much inspiration for my future.

Now I am going to answer 11 questions Alex gave me for nominating 11 others.

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15 Goals for 15 Weeks

15 goals

I’m back from a busy but very successful summer. I hope you all had a great break and enjoyed the summer sun! I move into my dorm tomorrow and before life gets busy, I wanted to set some goals for my self before my semester starts. Since there are 15 weeks in a semester, I wrote 15 goals I wish to achieve. At the end of the semester, I will do a recap and let you know if I accomplish these goals.

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My Summer 2015

Yesterday marks the end of my summer. I have officially moved into my dorm room and I  have begun preparing for freshman orientation. This summer was incredible, I learned so much about my self and those around me. I was promoted to a Director position at my summer camp, so that was an experience I will never forget and I can not wait to build on it next year. To be honest, my whole summer consisted of: work, visiting with Josh and spending time with family. And even though that sounds so simple, I enjoyed every second of it.

Below, is a video I compiled of a bunch of pictures and videos from my summer. I have done videos like this before and my family loves it, so I figured I would give it a shot again. Thank you all for the tremendous love and support.